About Simone

I am a life coach, trained and certified by Martha Beck, author, life coach and contributor to O Magazine.  I’ve also been trained as a Weight Coach by Brooke Castillo and as a Visual Coach by Christina Merkley, and I have completed the Intuitive Eating PRO Skills training, taught by Evelyn Tribole, co-author of the book Intuitive Eating.   I am also trained and endorsed by Abigail Steidley, a Master Certified Martha Beck coach in how to use Mind-Body coaching tools in my practice.

The common philosophy in all my training, and what I truly believe, is that long-term change happens from the inside out.  Our beliefs and automatic thoughts are either working for us or against us – and we can see evidence of this by taking a close look at our current satisfaction in all the areas of our life.   One of the first steps in creating a difference in our lives is to get clear about what these thoughts and beliefs are and then work towards changing the ones that are sabotaging us as we move towards the vision of who we want to become.

I love working with people who are willing to explore how their old behaviours, beliefs and patterns may no longer be working for them.  They want to make changes in their lives, but may be unclear about what direction to take, or they are fighting with resistance and self-sabotage.

I especially love to work with people who have struggled with their weight and body-image for years, and have all but given up.  I do not offer a diet or exercise plan, but rather, a way to end the struggle and make peace with food and your body.

Regardless of what crossroads you are at – whether it’s dissatisfaction with your body or with your life in general – together we will work on getting rid of old, unhelpful beliefs, creating a new vision for the future, then moving towards this vision in a way that feels really, really good.

I live in the beautiful, remote city of Yellowknife, NT, Canada, but I am lucky enough to be able to work with people from anywhere in the world via phone or skype.


I offer individual coaching in person at the Gaia Integrative Clinic in Yellowknife. I am currently creating new packages to better serve you.  These will be coming out in the fall of 2017.


I have been searching for answers for many years. I have tried many, many things. I live very much in my mind and my thoughts, and always thought that if I could just “figure it out”, I could finally resolve my issues, find the answers and reach my goals.

Then I began to work with Simone and she turned every notion I had on its head. She got me listening to my body, making the connection. Most amazingly she taught me to listen to the way I talked to myself and that being gently curious, non-judgmental and forgiving of myself could take me places I’d longed to go for so long.

I’m still on my journey, but that’s okay, because I’ve made peace with myself, with my body and with my thoughts and emotions. I’m not at war within myself any longer and I’m learning to trust myself in a way that’s new and exciting. Best of all, Simone has given me tools that I know I will be able to use over and over again as time goes by. The changes I’ve experienced are deep-down and real, and I know they will be lasting changes.

When I started this journey I was very often quite terrified – of opening up to myself, let alone anyone else. Wonderfully, with Simone there was never a timeline and never any pressure – and I’m now at the stage where I’m actually getting excited about what lies ahead, and I know I AM ABLE to cope with and deal with whatever comes my way. If you’re reading this because you’re trying to decide if you should consider working with Simone, I’d like to say that doing so would probably be one of the nicest things you could ever do for yourself – go for it!

~ Karen, individual client and group participant