Is working with Simone right for you?


  • I am passionate about working with women who want to create change in their habits, their relationships or their lives, but who are stuck or struggling and are feeling stagnant and discouraged.
  • These women have a sense that there is "something more" to their lives than this struggle and they feel a little buzz when they hear the words "soul's purpose."
  • They are ready to drop the struggle and learn a completely new way to move towards change: one that comes from a place of self-compassion, self-care + self-discovery.
  • They are at various stages of readiness, but they are willing to start where they are, and take even tiny steps forward.


  • Stay tuned for new packages that I will be unveiling in the fall! 


  • No matter where you are on your own journey, my goal is to help you develop a heart-centered approach to change.  What this means for you is that you will become more self-compassionate and more self-accepting. Do not underestimate the power of this mindset shift.  If this is all you come away with, you can experience a huge increase in your well-being, even if nothing in your external life changes.
  • You will also begin to gather several self-discovery tools that will help you to learn about yourself and your sticky patterns, and move towards soul-guided, delicious change.